Sunday, March 30, 2008

Did We Mention It's Washable?

Watch as the Rock of Love girls toss a drink against our Kingflower wallpaper in the celebrity suites at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Take it easy, ladies!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Adventures in Wallpaper

Beth just sent us this rockin' picture of her dining room. We are loving it! Very dramatic with a slight touch of Tudor, yes? Thank you, Beth, for sharing this with us!

Incidentally, the Kingflower is making its Hard Rock Hotel Celebrity Suite debut this weekend on VH1's Rock of Love 2. It would go against my good conscience to recommend you actually watch that show when you could be feasting your eyes on the season premier of the Tudors, so maybe just check out this little preview instead. In my opinion, the Kingflower definitely classes things up a bit. As much as it can, anyway!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

LunchTime at the ClockTower

Yesterday, I went with Rachel Eden to visit our friend, Andrea, at the loft in SF's Clock Tower/SOMA that she shares with her husband and soon-to-be baby boy. Rachel had done the interior styling of Andrea's loft about a year ago (with the help of ferm LIVING!). They are now getting ready to move to Los Angeles and have asked us to help them design their new place down there. So, we stopped by to take inventory of their current space in order to incorporate all their cool furniture and art (and movable floating wallpapered wall and headboard - loving those!) into their new home.

I just thought I'd share the pictures, because I LOVE the whole place. Of course, I amparticularly enamored with the beautiful applications of ferm LIVING scattered throughout.


Thank you so very much, Andrea, for sharing your home with us. Good luck with the move, and we'll see you in LA!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ahhhh Spring!

Just wanted to post these GORGEOUS pictures from Jennifer June at Hermitage in Portland. They were taken by Anthony Georgis and developed just in time for Spring! I can almost feel the Spring breeze...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where the Magic Happens

At least that's what they always say on MTV Cribs when they walk into the master bedroom, so I thought I'd roll that way, too. The design we chose is Lovebirds. It fits perfectly on the small wall behind our bed and between our 2 big windows, and it's a nice reminder to never fall asleep angry.

A big shout out to Room & Board - when we finally stepped up to a King size bed last year, we decided on their Calvin line. The customer service could not have been better and the quality is top notch. Plus, we think that it's very cool that they work primarily with US manufacturers.
And, yes, that is the Target Dwell duvet on the bed. I just couldn't wait for the ferm bedding to arrive stateside! I've admired Dwell's products for years now but the frugal side of me wouldn't pull the trigger. The quality of the Target line is very nice and the price can't be beat.

The glow from the windows is 5 inches of SNOW that we got yesterday and today. I love living in Minneapolis, but this winter's sort of sucked my will to live. I am getting a pedicure today in preparation for our family trip to Florida for a wedding and the boys' spring break and I am trying to figure out how to get snow boots back on my feet without ruining my tootsies immediately after having them painted!

This is a little favorite of mine - a print by British illustration Mandy Sutcliffe of a little boy holding a soccer ball. As my husband was a professional soccer player and now my 2 little boys are playing soccer as well, the image brings all three of them to mind in a very sweet way. Check out Mandy's etsy shop.

Last but not least, I showed you the view up the stairs of the birds, but that photo didn't capture my husband's very favorite thing about our house. The laundry chute.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Come On In...

Christiana is on a well deserved vacation this week, and I'm holding down the fort. She's been asking me to post photos of the many wall stickers I have in my home for a long time now, and I've just never found the time to take photos, or the house was too dirty. But, today I cleaned up and took some shots. I decided to start with our entry - I'll post more over the course of the week.

The single Hexagon that I have in our front entry has special significance - when Christiana and I first contacted Trine to become the US distributors, she sent us a package of samples and this was the very first fermLIVING wall sticker either of us had ever seen "in real life" as my 4 year old puts it. The Hexagon stickers are one of my favorite fermLIVING products - they are so intricate and the design has a subtly Asian feel.

After you hang up your coat and push past the dogs (who are oh-so-happy to see you), and just before you step on a Lego, one of the first things that you see upon entering our house is the flock of Birds at the top of the stairs. They're circling a favorite print of the Chrysler Building that reminds my husband and I of when we used to live in NYC almost ten years ago.

If you didn't already know, I have 2 boys (5 and 4 years old) and 2 dogs (9 and 9 months old). I've included some outtakes from this morning's photo shoot. Those of you with kids and/or dogs will understand and appreciate them.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Let's Get This Party Started!

Just last April, Aimee and I formed our company and began bringing ferm LIVING to North America. We can't believe it has already been a year as so many exciting things have already happened. So, we've been paying extra special attention to the fact that our first year birthday is almost upon us. Or maybe we're just looking for another reason to have cocktails? Either way, to kick of our birthday big month, Vanessa at Turquoise has generously offered to host a cocktail party at her studio in Los Angeles with us on March 29th from 6-9. If you live in the area, please stop by to say hello, have some drinks and grab some small bites (and some wallpaper samples). We can't wait!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Spy Ferm

Bumping into ferm LIVING unexpectedly is always such a thrill for us, so this week's been especially thrilling... Jennifer June just started a lovely blog, About a Hermit, for her shop Hermitage in Portland. We're happy to see our Family Tree included in such a gorgeous way. I've got to see more of this room!

Anna at Door Sixteen used some scraps of Feathers to sweetly decorate two little canisters. Note to self: Must try this!

Julia Rothman's Red Sky design at WallCollection made the SF Chronicle header. What a treat!

Family Tree in petrol serves as a backdrop to Lisa Congdon's latest scissor mobile at Rare Device. A good reminder to keep your scissors pointing down when you run with them. I actually haven't thought of that little life lesson since my 3rd grade teached yelled at me about it. It's a valid point. Don't want to lose an eye...

Go ferm!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Farvel to The Wire

It's my understanding that Denmark is the happiest country in the world, because its citizens keep their expectations low. Such low expectations are constantly being surpassed which results in much satisfaction. Last night turned out to be a great lesson in living like the Danish. It totally works.

For five incredible and intense seasons of The Wire, I fearfully watched Bubbles struggle with an addiction that seemed to have him beat. Every episode, I prepared myself for the very worst. But... he made it! All the way off the streets and out of the basement. I couldn't have been happier! So now, true to the Danish way, I'm going to expect that there will never be another show quite as good. And then who knows, maybe one of these days...

Thank you, Nadine and Jonah for sharing your cable with me :) See you in the East Bay! And last, but never least, a huge thanks to the Freezedog for dialing me in to the best television show I've ever watched.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wallpaper Superstar

For those of you who don't live in the San Francisco area, on Saturday, ferm LIVING's own Christiana Coop was recently featured not only on the front page of the Chronicle's Living section, but also in the top corner of the front page! Click here to read the full story and to check out photos of Christiana's very lovely San Francisco apartment. It was so exciting to see her talents featured in a major US newspaper. Not since we rocked the cover of the Los Alamos Monitor for our 5th grade musical's stirring dance number, "Hello Mr. Watson" have either of us received such great press!

I may be biased as she has been my dearest friend since we were very small, but her design sense and creativity are amazing and inspirational. The story is a well-deserved confirmation that while she may be the legal world's loss, she is truly the design world's gain. Congratulations, Christi.

In other reality-design-show news, our favorite, Christian Siriano won this season of Project Runway and Christiana and I just had to give him a big shout out on the blog. We're kind of celebrities in our own heads, too, Christian - we'll miss your weekly ferosh-ness and wish you continued success!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Made in the Shade

I recently decided that my bathroom needed a little more color, so was very excited when I came across this iron candelabra at Area. I love the look of chandeliers, but have no idea about (or interest in dealing with) the electrical issues involved in moving wires inside the wall. This candelabra seemed like the perfect solution and was very easy. I just...

1. Picked a fun shade of pink (Benjamin Moore, Gorgeous Red) and mocked up some wallpaper shades in some of my favorite patterns.

2. Primed the iron with a spongy brush.

3. Picked up some super cheap plain white shades ($4 each) from Ikea and decided on the wallpaper design I wanted to use (Little Leaves!).

4. Traced the shades on the wallpaper, cut them out and taped the wallpaper to the inside of each shade with white electrical tape.

5. Screwed in a hook and voila!

To complete the space, I framed two gorgeous prints by Samantha Hahn (thank you, Samantha!) in silver and picked up a sweet crystal perfume bottle at Anthropologie.

Now if only I had more time in the morning to enjoy getting ready for the day in there... I've really must figure out a way to break free from the evil snooze button.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Afternoon Tea

Nothing beats a hot cup of tea in the afternoon to revitalize and help push on through the work day. Unless, that cup is then dried with one of these ferm goodies!

I've been really into tea towels ever since Aimee gave me the one above so that I could remember my roots :) I started picking one up every now and then when I travel to remind me of a happy moment. I also love using tea towels to wrap homemade banana bread and give friends unexpected presents. Okay, I've actually only done that once, but it seemed to go over really well. It might happen again.

I can't wait to add a couple of these clever tea towels to my collection. I'm thinking the yellow will work perfectly. Or the pine tree. Except, hmmmm, I really love the petrol blue...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring: Coming Soon!

I was so excited to see Holly at decor8 mention ferm LIVING's new spring collection yesterday! She also just changed up her blog header, which is so pretty and just in time for spring! As much as I am obsessed with gray tones, spring surely is the time to add in bright, soft, fresh color to your living space (or logo header)!

Incidentally, I recently was lucky enough to meet Vanessa, decor8's west coast contributor. Vanessa, owner of Turquoise in Santa Monica, is one seriously fabulous and friendly interior designer, and we're simply thrilled to have her host our first year anniversary/birthday party in LA at the end of the month. If you live in there area, I hope you'll stop by! Free cocktails and wallpaper samples. Can it get any better? More details soon...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Holly! Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wallpaper Liner

I recently became friends with Samantha Hahn, an extremely talented artist (and crafty do-it-yourselfer) in Brooklyn, when she came looking for some ferm LIVING wallpaper for few projects she was working on for her new place in Prospect Heights. Here's the table she beautifully refurbished, including lining the drawers with our family tree wallpaper design. So pretty! And such a nice way to surprise whoever happens to open the draw with a lovely pop of pattern.

The step-by-step...
I'm also lucky enough to have just received a couple fantastic prints by Samantha (thank you!) which I just framed and will post just as soon as I'm done with my own little DIY project. Thank you so much, Samantha!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Anh-Minh just sent us a picture of this lovely corner in her home. The hydrangea wall sticker works perfectly with the lounge chair (which I am loving...) and gnome stool. The combination really creates a modern, yet comfortable, outdoorsy feel. I'd love to be lounging there right now! Thank you so much for sending us this picture, Anh-Minh!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Kind of Place

One of my friends in Chicago just sent me the Your Place section of the Tribune. How cool to see ferm's full page spread! Now, that's some powerful journalism!

Thanks so much, Romy! See you in LA :)