Friday, July 31, 2009

Things that Make Us Happy

We always love running into ferm LIVING on chic design blogs like this one!

Even more, we LOVE running into ferm LIVING in chic apartments, like this one in Chicago (c/o our friend and former colleague, Grace - thank you, Grace!)

We also love... spinach dip! Okay, this is in no way chic (especially when you're stuffing your face with it at home alone), but it's just been on my mind A LOT lately. Scoop it up with Tostitos Hint of Lime chips - is there anything better? This one's from Real Simple. The recipe does, indeed, look pretty simple, but you know what's an even quicker fix? Picking a tub up at the grocery store. Happiness!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Close Out Sale (and Misc. Blog Sale too)!

We're having a Close Out Sale on some wallpaper and wall sticker designs from our very first collection! Just getting ready to make room for new things from ferm LIVING this fall in the warehouse! Please email us at or call 415.318.6412 if you'd like to order any of these sale items. Please note, as always, free shipping for any purchase over $30! Above, Bamboo wallpaper; Regularly $95; Sale price is $60

Orchid wallpaper; Regularly $95; Sale price is $60

Leaves in Color wallpaper; Regularly $95; Sale price is $60

Clematis wallpaper; Regularly $95; Sale price is $50!

Black Rose wallpaper; Regularly $95; Sale price is $60

Hexagon Wall Sticker (black): Regularly $127.65; Sale price is $50

Flower Field Wall Sticker (red or black): Regularly $96.00; Sale price is $50

70s Style Wall Sticker (black or gold): Regularly $306.50; Sale price is $140
Paper Dinner Mats (set of 48): Regularly $40.75; Sale price is $25

Okay, I think that's it... Hope you see something you like!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3+ Wallpaper Wednesday

Aimee picked the coffee table this week over at Picnics, and funnily enough we both went with the walnut option and dressed it up with Feather! The palette in my apartment doesn't really work with the lovely turquoise of the feather pattern, but I'm dying to use it somewhere, someday! So as not to distract too much from the wallpaper design, I chose a neutral, modern sofa. And, my coffee table book choice was inspired by my recent trip to Paris. Things have been a bit nuts since I got back from Paris, so cozying up on a sofa leafing through inspiring Parisian interiors sounds so dreamy right now...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wallpaper is...Super!

Just wanted to share the link to our wallpaper segment with Lisa Quinn that we recently taped for San Francisco's View from the Bay and the LiveWell channel. You can watch the full segment here or below is the quick run down of the wallpapering extravaganza!

The wallpapered bird house was a big hit! As it should have been... Lisa suggested using it as table decor which I thought was "totally" a great idea.

These file folders wallpapered in ferm LIVING's ribbed and wilderness patterns were, as I like to say apparently, "super" simple and easy to make! They are now being used to keep all our wallpaper samples organized. Quite apropo, really? Wait, am I using apropo correctly? After watching myself on camera I am even more sadly aware of inability to speak English very well. Urgh.

We talked about my love of wallpapered accent walls. I could have talked for quite some time about my love of Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain paint color, but luckily she didn't ask. Must stay focused...

Easy to wallpaper serving trays! The goblets were also a big hit.

Finally, lights dim for the wallpapered lamp shade. And, we're out!

Friday, July 24, 2009


We were excited to see ferm LIVING's story mobile reviewed at droolicious today! Thank you, Lisa!

My dad just put up my nephew Eli's new mobile in his nursery above his crib. Coincidentally, there have been reports he's been drooling over it. Okay, or maybe it was that he's just been drooling in general... But, we're sure he loves it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3+ Wallpaper Wednesday

This week, we're wallpapering around one of my biggest obsessions - a vintage leather Chesterfield. To keep the sofa the focal point of my imaginary room, I went with one of our more mellow wallpapers (berry black), and then added in a modern Flos floor lamp and softer floor cushions. Okay, this room is making me want to drink coffee and read the NYT Style section cozied up in this.

For more Chesterfield inspiration, check out Aimee's 3 + Wallpaper on Picnics Under the Moon here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Check It

Aimee and I both picked up copies of DIY Magazine today so we could compare notes. Our verdict? ferm LIVING wallpaper really is too pretty in print!

That's me wishing there was coffee in my cup. Or milk for my coffee in my apartment. Or food (other than lemons - see below) in my apartment, for that matter.

Wilderness wallpaper in gold and my birdie lamp together forever! As they should be.

This one's my favorite - wallpapered wall cubes! Paired with a classic bertoia chair, pretty jewelry, lovely candles - so girly and pretty! Thank you Beth, James, Sandra and Sarah!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3+ Wallpaper Wednesday

It's official, we've run out of things to wallpaper. But, we can't stop. So, we're starting 3+ Wallpaper, in part, to keep our wallpapering skills sharp. Mostly, we love thinking about all the moods our wallpaper can create and wanted to share them with you. Aimee's posting hers on Picnics Under the Moon, and I'll be rocking the ferm LIVING over here.

The above is going for "provincial glamour" of sorts. It started with those two vintage cross paintings I saw over at Remodelista and immediately fell in love with. Mix in one of my very favorites, the Togo sofa, in a classic red. Combine with a more delicate 1930's industrial lamp and a sultry wilderness in black lacquer wallpaper backdrop.

Since I'm already wallpapering in a fantasy world, I might as well complete the mood with a classic pair of peep toes (with just the right splash of red to tie in to my Togo) a new issue of Domino (because in a truly just world that would never have left us), and an extra dirty martini.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey Ladies!

I'm callin' out to ya! Aimee's mom just called to tell us about a ferm LIVING siting in Ladies' Home Journal. The story includes some great wallpaper project from this lovely book. I've been needing to run down to the grocery store for about 3 weeks now, so picking up a paper copy of this magazine will hopefully motivate me in that direction asap!

Monday, July 13, 2009


We were so excited to see the pictures Carrie at ohdeedoh just posted from Allyson's new nursery wallpapered in Dotty. The room looks just adorable! Allyson had a question about whether she should put artwork up on the wallpaper, which we think is a great idea in this instance. What do you think? Read the full post here. Thank you, Carrie and Allyson!

Friday, July 10, 2009

In Case You Hadn't Heard...

That's right, wallpaper is stylish again! :) Thanks to the Washington Post Express for featuring our papers, asking me for my thoughts and opinions on wallpaper trends and for mentioning our how-to video.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's Your Style?

Just wanted to do this fun challenge over at From the Right Bank to try to find my design style in one photograph. It is proving to be impossible, but the above is extremely close. I'm envisioning some ferm wallpaper on a small accent wall not pictured, which would then make it PERFECT for me. I adore the dark floors with the pure white walls. The farmhouse table with classic bertoia chairs is a blessed combo. The simple, spare mantle with the modern artwork is perfection, and I'm a huge sucker for dramatic chandeliers.

To find the picture, I was going through my desk top files which I miraculously have sorted into different rooms so that I can drop in interior photographs I come across from various design blogs, etc. This above picture was the other one that struck me. The floors here are my dream, and the dark walls and window coverings are luxurious yet minimal. The simple glass lighting and exposed shower pipe = ahhhh... Plus, of course, that this bathtub is in a bedroom is genius. Anyway, as I went back to figure out where these photos came from, I realized they were both from the same home of Jenna Lyons, creative director at J.Crew. This not only confirms that I am very drawn to a particular style, but also that I need to be shopping at J.Crew more along with another of my idols, Michelle Obama.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th!

At some point this long weekend (between cookouts, tennis, beach time and plenty of napping) I'm determined to finish this wallpaper stripping job I started.

It was actually much easier than I thought (so far), but I thought it was going to be impossible, so the expectation bar was low. Just need to go over it with removing solution to get the little bits that won't come off on there own which I've been putting off doing for the last week.

HAPPY 4th! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So excited to run across our ferm LIVING kids collection featured on Ohdeedoh! Thank you, Carrie!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Once Upon a Time

My nephew, Eli, is spending some time with his grandparents in New Mexico this week. I couldn't make it home, so I sent him a little something to remind him of who his favorite auntie is going to be :) - A ferm LIVING story mobile! I'm interpreting his expression as one of delight! My mom read him the fairy tale story that comes with the mobile, so he now knows all about what the little bird is doing in the cage... I'm guessing his favorite part of the story was about the tree, if he's anything like his botanist dad.

Here he is letting out some energy before a nap under the mobile by studying the sweet cherries on our tree in the backyard. I might be misinterpreting the data thus far, but I think it is fairly obvious he is going to be a genius!

Wishing I was there!