Thursday, March 27, 2008

LunchTime at the ClockTower

Yesterday, I went with Rachel Eden to visit our friend, Andrea, at the loft in SF's Clock Tower/SOMA that she shares with her husband and soon-to-be baby boy. Rachel had done the interior styling of Andrea's loft about a year ago (with the help of ferm LIVING!). They are now getting ready to move to Los Angeles and have asked us to help them design their new place down there. So, we stopped by to take inventory of their current space in order to incorporate all their cool furniture and art (and movable floating wallpapered wall and headboard - loving those!) into their new home.

I just thought I'd share the pictures, because I LOVE the whole place. Of course, I amparticularly enamored with the beautiful applications of ferm LIVING scattered throughout.


Thank you so very much, Andrea, for sharing your home with us. Good luck with the move, and we'll see you in LA!

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Jennifer Ramos said...

LOVED this post, VERY COOL!

Jen Ramos
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