Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where the Magic Happens

At least that's what they always say on MTV Cribs when they walk into the master bedroom, so I thought I'd roll that way, too. The design we chose is Lovebirds. It fits perfectly on the small wall behind our bed and between our 2 big windows, and it's a nice reminder to never fall asleep angry.

A big shout out to Room & Board - when we finally stepped up to a King size bed last year, we decided on their Calvin line. The customer service could not have been better and the quality is top notch. Plus, we think that it's very cool that they work primarily with US manufacturers.
And, yes, that is the Target Dwell duvet on the bed. I just couldn't wait for the ferm bedding to arrive stateside! I've admired Dwell's products for years now but the frugal side of me wouldn't pull the trigger. The quality of the Target line is very nice and the price can't be beat.

The glow from the windows is 5 inches of SNOW that we got yesterday and today. I love living in Minneapolis, but this winter's sort of sucked my will to live. I am getting a pedicure today in preparation for our family trip to Florida for a wedding and the boys' spring break and I am trying to figure out how to get snow boots back on my feet without ruining my tootsies immediately after having them painted!

This is a little favorite of mine - a print by British illustration Mandy Sutcliffe of a little boy holding a soccer ball. As my husband was a professional soccer player and now my 2 little boys are playing soccer as well, the image brings all three of them to mind in a very sweet way. Check out Mandy's etsy shop.

Last but not least, I showed you the view up the stairs of the birds, but that photo didn't capture my husband's very favorite thing about our house. The laundry chute.


Nicole Block, said...

the bedding looks great! i am considering it for my own bedroom (see the blog). thanks for posting a real photo of it!

lizzyl said...

a laundry chute would be awesome!

a tip on the toes...used to do this at the nail places in ny--put oil on your toes, olive, jojoba, whatever, then wrap in saran wrap, then socks and shoes. your toes should have dried to the touch before you do this, but it always worked for me on the walk home from the salon in the snow!