Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Week in the Life: Thermo Mug

I took my new tree bomb thermo mug for a test drive last week. Here's the lowdown. It works great for sipping coffee in the sun on a Monday morning!

It keeps white wine at a nice cool temperature while you're working on your laptop and watching DWTS results show. Fits on the key board perfectly. Sure, it isn't the most elegant option for serious white wine drinkers, but pretty much fail proof for the multi-taskers out there.

Works equally well for red wine at room temp. A no brainer.

Now that is some serious 24 carrot juice!

I feel like my thermo mug would have kept my Friday night's pina colada frozen for longer than this coconut contraption, but didn't actually test that theory. Of course, I wanted to, but it just seemed a little too awkward. (Note to self re the Tonga Room: once is enough.)

Saturday morning's diet coke was kept refreshingly cold which helped energize after the previous pina colada party. (How cute is that bottle, by the way?)

In an attempt to be extra healthy on Sunday, I tried drinking something epically nourishing. But, here's the thing. Nothing can make those super greens taste better or look prettier. The thermo mug gave it it's very best shot though, I think!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday Night Brights

I actually love it when I have an excuse to stay in on a Saturday night, eat take out and watch HGTV. So, I was extra thrilled to see Emily's tweet on Saturday morning hinting that Ferm Living might be on Secrets of a Stylist that night! Emily used our gold branches to help transform a bachelor pad into chicer space for two! We adore how it turned out. We also were happy when they noted how easy it was to put the wall sticker up. According to my (mental) notes, I believe the exact phrasing was: "that was so easy!"

Here's the mood board Emily created for the room. I spy some ribbed wallpaper in black/beige! The room looked so fabulous - lots of neutrals and texture with bright hits of yellow (and gold, of course). We'll post more when the video goes up on So fun!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Counting Feathers

Jason and Amee just sent over this picture of some feather wallpaper they just put up in their bedroom. The organic patterns looks so nice with the clean lined furniture and gray walls! Simple and calm. Sort of makes me want to crawl back into my own feather bed. Why isn't is Saturday, yet? Thanks so much for sharing your home with with us, Jason and Amee!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Dwell with It!

Was leafing through the new Dwell Magazine after my yoga class in the Whole Foods checkout line buying sushi and almost spit up my Kombucha when I saw...

Ferm Living's cork coaster! So very cool. By the way, I completely realize how annoyingly "Stuff White People Like" that sentence above sounded. It was too classic to take out - I can't believe those elements came together so perfectly. It's a good thing I wasn't wearing New Balance. Don't worry, I'm anything but that, I (almost) swear! To prove it, let me just say when I got home, I stuffed down some pepperoni slices, spinach dip and hint of lime Tostitos while watching Dancing with the Stars. Can we talk about that for a second? Kendra stayed? So, so wrong.

Dwell Magazine featured 100 kitchens - so many gorgeous ones; so much inspiration! Here's my favorite. I'd love to belly up to that counter seated on one of those beautiful stools and ask the owners all about their lives in Finland. Don't they look to be full of stories and life lessons? I bet they cook together and that they are both really good at it.

Thank you for including us in your kitchen picks, Dwell!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Strolling Through Paris

How cute is this? Erin in Calgary posted about a shoe wall she made on her blog, Lucky by Design, which included our lovely Paris map of wallpaper, Voila!

She was inspired by this pretty picture in Elle Decor.

So fun, and I love the yellow and white striped rug with it! Thank you, Erin!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Wallpapered Welcome

I went to visit my friend Rachel at her lovely home in the North Bay last week. Isn't it so charming and pretty? I stopped by to catch up over lunch and help her wallpaper her nursery!

She'd left a note for me in the entry way. I'm going to start doing this - so sweet and unexpected.

That her entry way features some of our wallpaper (birds on branches) was also a bonus.

One of the many reasons she fell for her husband was his great taste in art as evidenced by this fantastic painting...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So...I had to kill a little time between a meeting and happy hour yesterday, and figured what better way to do this than a stroll around Anthropologie. I was so excited to see the Decorate book there, written by Holly Becker of decor8 and Joanna Copestick, since I've been hearing such great things about it!

It did not disappoint. Not one bit! I loved the photography, mix of interiors and the many inspiring wallpaper applications throughout! My favorite thing? Of course, spying some Ferm Living pillows on the pages. What a fantastic surprise. Above are our velo, bird cage and tree bomb pillows sitting so pretty!

Now, this room is perfection. And, I'm not just saying that because I see a couple more ferm living pillows :) The chair, the rug, my favorite lighting in the world. It is too good. Too good!

This little DIY vase also caught my attention. I love the use of silver sequins with a freshly cut, soft pink rose - reminds me of Morocco! (All images from Decorate.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

An Oldie But Goodie

That's right. It is a "night light" of sorts illuminating our beautiful forest flower wallpaper. I just bumped into this picture in an old email file. I'm not sure if it was ever published with copy, but it was going to be used in an advertisement. I was always so curious to see how it turned out. Did it increase sales? Am thinking, yes. Wallpaper usually does ;) Happy Weekend!