Friday, May 22, 2009

ferm in NYT!

We were so excited to see ferm LIVING mentioned in the New York Times as a find of ICFF!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wallpaper with a View

Just finished up a little project in the SOMA Grand last week. We put up Walldots in the bedroom. I've never wallpaper up so high before. It was nice to enjoy the view, which my friend Michael finished up all those small details I missed :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Not to Remove Wallpaper, I Think

I went over to my friend Nadine's house last Sunday to help her remove this wallpaper. I felt so sad because she's about to have a baby and this is going to be where the little man sleeps. I've never knew anyone could put up wallpaper quite that badly - so sorry Nadine, we love you, but there's a reason why it comes with instructions :) I would feel just awful having him grow up knowing that his mom pretty much massacred some very lovely wallpaper. More about how not to wallpaper tomorrow...

However, I'm the one to blame about taking it down since I came up with our plan of attack. I can't lie, it took quite a long time. It's true that we basically spread the work out through 5 episodes of The Tudors, 1 bottle of wine (note she was pregnant and not drinking so I'm not really sure what happened there), and 1 extra large Maui Zaui Pizza (delicious!), but even with our many long rest breaks, I felt like it required more effort than necessary.

My revelation during this process was that I will from now on always double the amount the wallpaper remover solution says to apply. Just seems like it'll be a little more messy, but will come off the wall so much easier. Does anyone see the downside to this approach?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three's a Charm

Yesterday, my friend Michael and I spent approximately 3 hours putting up about 3 rolls of one of my favorite patterns, Ribbed in Beige/Black. (We did the wallpaper liner last week) This went up in a client's bedroom, and I think it creates a very calming mood. She's going to swap out the bedding with this very simple, light lavender grey which will be so pretty!

I only asked Michael to try not to screw it up three times. It's my little joke which I'm sure gets on his nerves and might not actually be very funny except to me. Because he's a total perfectionist, he usually takes over when things require any amount of precision like wallpapering around this beam.

Ahhh, all done! I really do love this pattern. It works well in so many different spaces. Oh, and it's particularly easy to match up the seams on this one too :)