Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wallpaper Follies

Wallpaper Follies from ferm LIVING shop on Vimeo. Just a little extra video Michael put together to demonstrate that wallpapering can be fun :) Maybe this is one of those you had to have been there type situations, but please trust me... it was fun!

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Wallpaper Time!

Anna at Door Sixteen put of the fir tree in black this weekend in her GORGEOUS office! You can read the whole post here! We think the black, nature-inspired pattern looks amazing against the beautiful white floors. It feels so fresh and calm.

Anna went from this to the below in just a couple hours. She offered a really helpful tip that we didn't include in our how to video too - if you use primer, it's actually much easier to remove the wallpaper. Not that we encourage people to be taking down wallpaper or anything :)

My other favorite thing about the room is the lovely bright green lamp. The
pop of bright green is perfection! Oh, and the clock screen saver is too cool. In fact, I actually just downloaded my own version this morning (thanks, Anna!)!

Thank you so much, Anna, for sharing such an inspiring office!

Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Wallpaper

With the help of our friend, Michael, we just put together this little how-to wallpaper video in the hopes of spreading more wallpapering joy!

We broke it down into 10 easy steps; 2 of which you can choose to skip. For example, Step 1 (Set the Mood) - if you don't want to be completely awake and/or in a good mood while you wallpaper that's totally up to you. And Step 10 (Enjoy!), goes without question!

Here's the finished accent wall we did for the video which I'm lucky enough to have in my bedroom. If you'd like to read more about my bedroom, it's being featured on decor8 today! And, if that still leaves you wanting more, there's a before/after breakdown over at Picnics :)

If you ever do have questions about how to wallpaper, please don't hesitate to call us either. We've papered enough walls by now that we should be able to answer most of them, I hope!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Takin' Care of Business

I never tire of seeing how people use their ferm LIVING wallpaper, and this home office via decor8 is no exception. In fact, it's motivated me to tackle the pit that is my home office this weekend.

I love how just a few touches of wallpaper can completely personalize and elevate simple IKEA pieces. And since I have quite a few simple IKEA pieces and easy access to wallpaper, there's really no excuse for my office looking as bad as it currently does. I love that little birdcage with a plant in it - adorable. Thanks for the inspiration, Maryse and Holly! To read the full story check out here and then here (if you speak French...)!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birds on a Wire

Our new wall stickers are now available for sale, including these Powerbirds! What is it about the silhouette of birds on telephone wires that creates so much visual impact? The video below is just a little more evidence of how beautiful they can be (unless starlings scare you and/or you're unable to set aside your strong opinions about non-native birds, I guess...).

powerlinerflyers from wes johnson on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainy Day Matinee

The rain and wind couldn't stop me from walking to the Metreon to catch I Love You Man! I actually got there early expecting a mad house crowd for the premiere weekend and was quite surprised to find an mostly empty theater. I mean, I guess people just hadn't heard that our wallpaper was going to be making it's debut. My friends were very supportive and all agreed the bedroom scenes (in which the wallpaper was a total scene stealer, sorry Paul Rudd...) were Oscar-worthy! And very funny too!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Where have I seen that before?

I ran to Anthropologie this afternoon to do some shopping and thought their windows looked strangely familiar...

Anyone else see it, or is it just me?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book of the Week

I was just perusing the California Home and Design website trying to figure out when the new issue is coming out. A friend's house is being featured in it, and I can't wait to see it, especially since he's rumored to have some cleverly wallpapered walls... So, I couldn't actually figure that out, mostly because I got distracted by seeing Lauren and Derek's Wallpaper Projects book featured as the design book of the week. More like Design Book of the Century, if you're as obsessed with wallpaper as we are. We'll start selling it in our shop next week. Be sure to reserve your copy. This book is going to be legendary! In our minds, anyway...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Paper Cranes!

Miranda just sent us these pictures of her gorgeous condo she shares with her husband, Ryan, in Victoria, BC. They created fabulous accent walls using some of our favorite ferm LIVING patterns. They formed the band The Paper Cranes, (what a great sound!) (check them out here too!), so I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that their creativity overflows into a rock star sense of interior style. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Miranda!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stand Next to this Paper

Like - ey ey ey. Ludacris and Waldots: two very stylish forces converge in Hollywood via Turquoise.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Birds in the Bedroom

My good friend, Ann and her husband Jason bought a great new house last year and have slowly been adding personal touches. Their latest project, an accent wall in their master bedroom featuring our Birds on Branches wallpaper.

First, they painted the entire room Benjamin Moore's Dior Gray. Very calming and sophisticated.

Just add furniture and some accents and you have a dramatic little nook in what is certainly a very stylish bedroom. Thanks for sharing images, Ann - can't wait to see what you do next...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Betina's Closet

Just came across this lovely picture of Benita's new wallpapered closest doors via Apartment Therapy. Benita has a beautiful blog, Chez Larsson, in which she shares lots of great tips to a beautifully organized home.

Betina replaced the orange pattern above with ferm LIVING's wildflower in green. I'm enthusiastically applauding her decision. I recently wallpapered over some orange lamp shades for a change of pace. Are people over orange? As a side note, the above photo is from her blog post about how the put on a duvet cover. I only recently learned this technique myself, and it changed my whole outlook on washing duvet covers...

This is making me wonder where I can add in a little green. So pretty!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Speaking of Sales...

We're having a BIG SALE going on at Hygge & West. Limited amounts of almost all our lovely imports from Denmark, Finland, and England are available at half price! The above mug from Ivana Helskini is a very favorite of mine. It has this amazing texture that feels nice to hold - morning coffee made more even enjoyable! I hope you'll check it out!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning Sale!

After some well overdue cleaning/organizing, we put together a list of our wall stickers and wallpaper rolls that were either returned in opened or damaged packaging that we can't sell at regular price. Please just email me at info@fermlivingshop.us or call 415.318.6412 if you are interested in purchasing any of the below items at a really, really great deal. Just because they don't have pretty packaging doesn't mean they won't look pretty on your walls! It's what's on the inside that counts anyway, yes? So get 'em while they are hot!

Sparrow in Silver (no packaging): $30
Berry Blacks in Silver (no packaging): $30 each or $50 for both
1 Finger Print (no packaging): $25
1 Hexagon: $30

We also have a few rolls of wallpaper from Collections 2 & 3 that had been returned and need a new home.

1 roll
Wall Dots in Gray: $50 (regularly $115)
2 rolls Forest Flower in Silver: $50 each (regularly $115)

Also, if you happen to live in the bay area, you're more than welcome to stop by and pick up these spring cleaning sale items to avoid any shipping charges that may apply.
All sales are final. Thank you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

See It!

The reviews are in, and I Love You, Man is a must see! Apparently, it made Ben Lyons laugh so much he was exhausted by the time he left the theater. And, Ben Mankiewicz likened it to the next Superbad, as in it is super good! Oddly, neither reviewer mentioned this lovely wallpaper that graces the big screen in Paul Rudd's bedroom, but one can only surmise that it played a big role in their enthusiastic critique of the film. I Love You, Man open March 20. I'll be popcorn lunching at the first showing of the day matinee. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heaven in HelMel

This has got to be one of my favorite hours tours on Apartment Therapy. Ever! Matt Sams lives in the Helitrope/Melrose neighborhood in Los Angeles and just shared pictures of his delightful home on AT. We were blown away by his use ferm LIVING's feather pattern in his dining room. Simply breathtaking!

I'm really inspired by Matt's style, which he describes as "confused." I think it is a genius blend of vintage and modern. So many fresh and unexpected pieces. I love it when homes reflect the owner's personality (which I'm guessing this does), and one can only conclude that Matt must be a very charismatic guy. Based on this interior, Aimee and I have decided we want to be his friend. Then he'd invite us over, and we could all hang out in his dining room discussing the finer points of how ridiculously good it looks...

I love the use of the gold branches too. Very elegant.

And whatever that is on the wall, well, I love that too.

Thanks for the great tour, AT and Matt!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wallpapering 101

Today, we're planning to film our very first wallpaper "how to" video. I'm selfishly excited, because we'll be filming it in my apartment. Like I needed another excuse to wallpaper! Assuming it turns out okay (it being the video - not the wallpapered wall, which I guarantee will look stunning...), we'll post it next week!