Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wallpaper Superstar

For those of you who don't live in the San Francisco area, on Saturday, ferm LIVING's own Christiana Coop was recently featured not only on the front page of the Chronicle's Living section, but also in the top corner of the front page! Click here to read the full story and to check out photos of Christiana's very lovely San Francisco apartment. It was so exciting to see her talents featured in a major US newspaper. Not since we rocked the cover of the Los Alamos Monitor for our 5th grade musical's stirring dance number, "Hello Mr. Watson" have either of us received such great press!

I may be biased as she has been my dearest friend since we were very small, but her design sense and creativity are amazing and inspirational. The story is a well-deserved confirmation that while she may be the legal world's loss, she is truly the design world's gain. Congratulations, Christi.

In other reality-design-show news, our favorite, Christian Siriano won this season of Project Runway and Christiana and I just had to give him a big shout out on the blog. We're kind of celebrities in our own heads, too, Christian - we'll miss your weekly ferosh-ness and wish you continued success!


Christiana said...

Oh wow, Aimee, thank you!!! I appreciate your friendship so very much. You truly are like a sister me and I feel so lucky to be collaborating with you again after all these years!

And, now that you mention it, we did totally rock out Mr. Watson and his Alexander bell-a-phone! Beyond our classic dance moves, I think it was the glittered paper plate hats and dowel rod canes that really drove Pinon Elementary wild!

Aggie said...

That was a great article about ferm Living in the SF Chronicle. Makes me a little less apprehensive about wallpapering. I love ferm's stuff!!!