Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Spy Ferm

Bumping into ferm LIVING unexpectedly is always such a thrill for us, so this week's been especially thrilling... Jennifer June just started a lovely blog, About a Hermit, for her shop Hermitage in Portland. We're happy to see our Family Tree included in such a gorgeous way. I've got to see more of this room!

Anna at Door Sixteen used some scraps of Feathers to sweetly decorate two little canisters. Note to self: Must try this!

Julia Rothman's Red Sky design at WallCollection made the SF Chronicle header. What a treat!

Family Tree in petrol serves as a backdrop to Lisa Congdon's latest scissor mobile at Rare Device. A good reminder to keep your scissors pointing down when you run with them. I actually haven't thought of that little life lesson since my 3rd grade teached yelled at me about it. It's a valid point. Don't want to lose an eye...

Go ferm!

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