Monday, September 29, 2008

Speaking in Danish

We're so honored to have been invited to become a part of the Danish design blog, As they'll be translating Clever Spaces into Danish (which we don't know how to read, yet...), we're just going to trust that they don't make us sound foolish. That would be impossible, right? Right? I'm still planning to learn Danish before we go visit, but so far my vocabulary is limited to ferm (clever), skol (cheers) and hygge (living cozy, connected, in the small moments). We're starting our new company based on the word hygge, and as much as we try, we find it very hard to define. It doesn't have a counterpart in English that even comes close to translating its special meaning.

Thank you, Christian, for inviting to be a small part of your design world!

I just came across these gorgeous pictures in Elle Decor of a beautiful apartment in Copenhagen. The use of such eclectic colors and materials is so striking. The article was about living in small spaces, so I was impressed so see such bold and colorful decor. I'm really liking the grey Wall Dots wallpaper with the turquoise.

And, oh how I do love these dark walls with white floors. I almost feel lucky I don't have the option to paint my rental's floors or else I'd probably be figuring out how to strip them right now...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get Lit

During my daily perusing of the design blogs, I came across this post about Lit shades featuring lampshades lined with our (now discontinued - get it while it lasts!) Silhouette wallpaper on design*sponge. Christiana and I have been focusing a lot of efforts on DIY items for various projects and lampshades are always on the list, but have not actually been attempted yet.

Wallpaper can serve as a subtle accent when placed on the inside of the shade or a bold graphic statement when on the outside.

Lit is also using the wall stickers on lampshades which is a quick and easy way to perk up a simple pendant drum or...

add a little charm to a nightstand lamp. Remember how I mentioned easy? In less than 5 minutes, I ran upstairs, put the sticker in the inside of the lampshade, took a photo and voila!

Just in case we've stirred your creative juices, here are some inexpensive lamps that are just begging for some ferm LIVING. Keep in mind that Collection 1 wallpapers are on sale for only $30 a roll - perfect for a DIY budget. But if this seems like too much heavy lifting, just contact the talented folks at Lit
and we're sure they'd be happy to help you!

Eden Pendant lamp from CB2, Square Wood Upright lamp from West Elm, Grono table lamps from IKEA and the Urban Metal lamp from Target.

Monday, September 22, 2008

You Give Me Fever

My friend, Vivi-ann, just sent me a couple pictures from some ferm LIVING sitings she had recently during her trip to Massachusettes. Above, she ran into ferm at Cabin Fever in Salem. And below, she had another clever encounter at Lekker Home in Boston.

I was excited to see the pictures, mostly because it makes me feel better I have friends out there who get almost as worked up as I do about ferm living. I also think the gold sparrow on that chocolate wall is inspiring. I definitely need to figure out what color paint that is now. Thanks, Vivi!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're in this Together.

My friend, Rachel, and I just wallpapered an accent wall in the new retail/workspace of her company, speesees! I actually first met Rachel when she was a client just starting her business and I, a lawyer at the time, was so in awe of her entrepreneurial spirit and artistic vision. It is so exciting now to see how successful her business has become. And, of course, it's a lot more fun to be helping her wallpaper rather than helping her with trademarks...

Here's the beautiful new loft space over in the Dogpatch. The light that shines in through all the windows is quite spectacular. As if she wasn't creative enough before, this light is sure to inspire even more lovely work! Plus there will be space for retail, children's workshops and performances. And parties!

Above is the wall of choice!

To get started, one little trick I did was to use a sharpie to make the sides of the paper where the design in black meets the edge black as well. This makes the seam even less visible.

The other important thing is to really concentrate on hugging the seams in tight to each other as you put up each strip. That's what I'm doing here...

There's Rachel rolling paste on to our very last strip (4 hours, 1 bottle of water, and 6 sushi rolls later...)! I was so glad to hear that this introductory wallpaper experience went well for Rachel. In fact, I think she's considering doing more walls now. Another addiction begins...

I love giving speesees baby clothing as a gift (yes, part of that 4 hours included me perusing her clothing displays). And even though there are so many fantastic pieces to choice from, I always find myself drawn back to the above bear jacket. It is too adorable! And, I'm so excited to have an excuse to get another one, because I just found out my brother, Jonathan, and his wife, Beth, are having a baby boy!

They'll be receiving this wall sticker too because I can't think of anything cuter for a baby's room. I've also been thinking that I'd like to be his favorite aunt. Is that wrong?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting Pickled

Okay, I've pretty much run out of flat surfaces to wallpaper in my apartment. So, I thought I'd mix it up and do something new.... Pickle things!

I met my friend Kristen at the SF Ferry Building farmer's market where we picked up lots of fresh and beautiful beans, peppers, cauliflower, and carrots for our dilly bean and winter pickle recipes.

We chopped, and boiled. And boiled and jarred. And voila - tasty pickes!

After all that pickling, Kristen whipped up some bruschetta and we sat in her backyard basking in our pickling glory and sipping wine. Or, as Kristen's mom pointed out, we got a little pickled.

Now that my pickles and myself are back home, I've started thinking it might be a cute touch wallpaper the lids :)

Thank you so much, Kristen! That was such a great way to spend a sunny Saturday. Stay hygge, my friend!