Saturday, March 8, 2008

Made in the Shade

I recently decided that my bathroom needed a little more color, so was very excited when I came across this iron candelabra at Area. I love the look of chandeliers, but have no idea about (or interest in dealing with) the electrical issues involved in moving wires inside the wall. This candelabra seemed like the perfect solution and was very easy. I just...

1. Picked a fun shade of pink (Benjamin Moore, Gorgeous Red) and mocked up some wallpaper shades in some of my favorite patterns.

2. Primed the iron with a spongy brush.

3. Picked up some super cheap plain white shades ($4 each) from Ikea and decided on the wallpaper design I wanted to use (Little Leaves!).

4. Traced the shades on the wallpaper, cut them out and taped the wallpaper to the inside of each shade with white electrical tape.

5. Screwed in a hook and voila!

To complete the space, I framed two gorgeous prints by Samantha Hahn (thank you, Samantha!) in silver and picked up a sweet crystal perfume bottle at Anthropologie.

Now if only I had more time in the morning to enjoy getting ready for the day in there... I've really must figure out a way to break free from the evil snooze button.


Samantha said...

nice Christiana. I love your Diy project too!!!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Holy cow, this shade thing is genius. I can and will do that. First must order wallpaper from you asap for my boutique hotel in Marrakech, Peacock Pavilions. Sending you an email.