Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grey Skies are Gonna Cheer Up!

I recently put up some custom WallCollection wallpaper in my kitchen created from Julia Rothman's brilliant Red Sky design. Even though it has been raining a little more in San Francisco lately as winter creeps closer, I can't stop smiling.

Grey sky, blue sky, it doesn't seem to matter when you've got Red Sky. Thank you so very much, Julia, for helping me create such a happy and inviting kitchen! While this hasn't actually inspired me to start cooking (yet), I love spending as much time in the kitchen as I can, working, reading the paper, eating take-out and entertaining friends with the delicacies I "whip up" from the Whole Foods salad bar. One of these days I will consider turning my attention from the wall to the stove...

We are so thrilled that Julia Rothman is among the fabulous WallCollection gallery of artists that just went live. Please check out her art work at

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Wallpapered House

As you can probably guess, Christiana and I watch our fair share of HGTV. I've always enjoyed Debbie Travis's programs, especially Painted House - she is so pleasant and cheery and always makes me want to pick up a paintbrush even though I should know better after the red powder room incident of 2004 (all I'll say is tinted primer plus 4 coats of paint). She contacted us a few months ago when WallCollection was in its infancy regarding a custom project for her column, so of course we were more than happy to oblige!

Debbie was looking to bring the mood created by this Damask print rug into her bathroom. So after some consulting between Debbie, her assistant, Christiana and Trine, we decided to reverse the pattern's colors to keep her bathroom bright, but keep the dramatic scale of the design the same. Click here to read the column. Thanks for featuring us, Debbie!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Door Framing Wallpaper

Maria, in NYC, just sent us these picture of the beautiful door she and her husband created with ferm's Ribbed wallpaper in beige and black. Papering the doors is such an nice, subtle way to add an accent of nature into their living room. We love the calming, fresh feel of this room.

Their beautiful sliding doors make us so curious about what awaits in the adjoining room. But to get there, we'd have to slide the doors open and hide the wallpaper - such a dilemma. Thank you so much, Maria, for sending us these pictures. We just adore your apartment!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Trading Spaces Steps It Up

Our favorite Top Designer, Goil Amornvivat, used ferm's Branch Wall Stickers on last weeks episode of Trading Spaces to help transform a fraternity step team's house into something worth stepping about. We don't have the pictures yet, so until then just trust Goil - they looked "very fabulous!" Brandon, TS's current hottie carpenter (although let's be honest, he could never replace Carter Oosterhouse) was on the team, but he mostly talked, flexed and attempted to step dance, so we're still not sure who put them up. Regardless, they were used to add an intriguing accent to the glass panels in the fraternity's conference room, and they did just that. Very cool.

Always looking for a reason to mix good friends, excessive cocktails, and truffle butter popcorn, my friends Kim and George threw an equally fabulous premier party at their house. I had so much fun, despite the horror that grew as the show progressed without the branches appearing. They finally did towards the end and looked great - phew!

A couple unexpected guests showed up: Luke Skywalker. What!?

And Carlos from Desperate Housewives. Just kidding, George. But, I can't help it. It's uncanny!

THANK YOU so very, very much, Kim and George, for hosting such a fantastic party in your beautiful home, and thanks to everyone for coming to drink cocktails in support of ferm LIVING! And finally... we can't thank you enough, Goil, for including your wall stickers in your amazing design. It was such a thrill to work with you!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You're on Notice

Sarah just sent us this great picture of her kitchen. We're loving how she used the Hydrangea wall sticker to compliment her notice board. We're also just loving all the fun pictures and cards that she's posted... What a nice way to add true personality and interest to a room. And the best part - no watering necessary. Thanks so much, Sarah!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

O Canada!

We were really excited to see ferm LIVING featured in today's Sweetspot, Canada's national lifestyle guide. Thank you Sweetspot for whispering such sweet nothings into my inbox. And with an accent!

An Eternal Spring

Julia, in San Francisco, just sent us these pictures of her blossoming bedroom. We LOVE the intricate, silvery cherry blossoms contrasted with her pure white bed linens and simple side table. How beautiful! Cherry blossoms are often considered a metaphor for life. They bloom briefly and magnificently. But inevitably, they fall. Luckily, Julia's cherry blossoms won't be falling any time soon.

Cherry blossoms often remind us that because life is precious it is important to live each waking moment to its utmost. Under these cherry blossoms, it looks like Julia will more easily be able to enjoy each moment she is awake. And asleep... Thank you for sending us your pictures, Julia. Happy dreaming (and waking)!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Danish Way of Living

We were recently invited to participate in the Danish Way of Living exhibition in Vancouver. It was so flattering to be featured among such well-known and admired Danish design companies like Fritz Hansen and Eric Jorgensen. It is such a gorgeous time of year to visit Vancouver, so I also appreciate the Danish consulate providing me with a perfect excuse to stroll around Vancouver checking out its shops, restaurants and bars (loved Chill Winston, by the way, thanks Kim.) Here are some pictures from the show...

Fallen silver and gold maple leaves. Very Canadian, yes?

These Owls are just so cute. Although now that I'm thinking about it, do owls ever "perch" on the ground? I might have misplaced these little guys...

We left our Thumb print on the Rosenthal glassware.

The Love Birds look out to Water Street (if they ever grow tired of looking into each others eyes, I guess).

Our Hydrangea shared Midform's molded plywood bed. Thanks, Claus! Let's do it again sometime...

I wonder what the sitting bird is saying that's so important here.

Beautiful bowls from Georg Jensen - I actually just got home only to read about them in the NY Times.

The Gold Branches sparkle against a red backdrop.

Want more gold? Try Verpan's Spiral Triple lamp in gold. If only I had a bigger place and more $$$.

A wall of ferm LIVING wallpaper and some Series 7 chairs. Two great things that go great together.

Okay, this is just me being lost. What is going on with the lack of cabs in Vancouver? Still, you're beautiful!

Thank you so much everyone - especially, Peter, Krista, Thor and Pamela (and Fed Ex for deciding to eventually release our wallpaper just in time for the party) - for making the exhibition so successful and my week in Vancouver so much fun. Thanks also for teaching me more about how Danes live. I'm into it. Skol!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

If It Doesn't Sparkle, It Doesn't Matter.

Its time to start thinking more sparkle! This month, San Francisco's popular culture magazine, 7X7, published its Home and Design edition, which featured ferm LIVING's golden Sparrow wall sticker as the perfect solution for adding instant and affordable glamour to any living space. We agree - it's an easy way to add some glitz to your walls without spending a fortune.

Design blogger, Chic Muse, must have been having the same thought, as she just sent us this picture of how she added some golden allure to her living room with the Branches wall sticker. We think the way she combined the Branches with the bamboo ladder and raw brick fireplace creates a very calm, zen atmosphere with just the perfect touch of glitter. Thank you for sharing your living room with us, Suzie. We love it!

Always seeking more sparkle... I was also happy to read in 7X7's design trends article that Chronicle Books just opened a shop on Union Street, as I have my eye on their new Cartier book. I dream about telling time on my very own Roadster, but until I can afford one, I'm planning to satisfy my Cartier cravings with this jewel of a book.

Thank you 7X7 and Design Public!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Modern Electricity

Josh and Kara in Portland recently sent us this great shot of their living room. We're not sure if the Power Pole makes the Nelson bubble lamp even cooler (if that's actually possible) or vice versa (ditto), but it doesn't matter. Either way, we think ferm LIVING's fresh take on the power pole combined with a mid-century classic creates a unique, modern vibe and fits perfectly with Josh and Kara's minimal decor. Thank you so much for sharing your condo with us, Josh and Kara. Enjoy!