Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Behind Closed Doors...

Don't let their name limit your imagination - Wall Stickers aren't just for walls. Boston based photographer, Jenny Frazier, sent us these photos of the door to her home office. We think the Hexagons look great against the wood grain and definitely add some extra punch to the room.

As a side note, Jenny noted that the Hexagons were "much easier and quicker to install than I thought they'd be!!"

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, Jenny! And, good luck trying to get any work done in there...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

ferm LIVING for Kids

With all the chic and modern nursery and kids’ furniture and decor currently available, our wall stickers and wallpapers add the perfect finishing touch. We think that in particular, the Water World or the Birds wall stickers are a fanciful accent for an older child’s room. The Branches or Pine wall stickers would add a natural yet sophisticated feel to a nursery. And the Sparrow wall sticker is the perfect choice for a little girl’s room – feminine and elegant.

Popular baby e-newsletter Urban Baby Daily agreed and featured us in their Urban Baby Daily Everywhere on Thursday, July 19. Thank you for the great write up!

Upon his request, I recently put the Water World stickers up in my older son's room. First, we cut the small stickers apart and taped them on the wall for placement.

And in around 15 minutes the project was complete!

They add a whimsical and bold accent that nicely complements his surfing-inspired decor.
Now my younger son wants one as well. But which sticker goes best with a Lightning McQueen bed?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Loft of Eden

We just received these pictures from Andrea Arria-Devoe of her gorgeous San Francisco loft designed by Rachel Eden and couldn't wait to post them.

Old News in a new way...

Unexpected Hydrangeas add personality!

How do your Branches grow?

Can't commit? Try a floating wall.

We love how Rachel worked bright pops of color in with classic black and whites. And the nature-inspired stickers are a perfect juxtaposition with the modern, industrial feel of the architecture. Incidentally, we highly recommend a visit to Rachel's shop, Eden & Eden, in San Francisco. It's full of unique and delightful European home accessories and fashion, both modern and vintage.

Thanks again, Andrea, for sharing your pictures with us!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feather in the Bedroom

Our wallpaper is in a neck to neck battle with another design on Domino's Scrappy Girl Decorates. Thanks to everyone who weighed in to support our wallpaper (especially to the keen commenter who first noted that the wallpaper was upside down in the photo!).

Incidentally, I am going to wallpaper our bedroom with Feather - possibly this weekend, though my husband does not know that yet. I'll post photos as soon as the project is complete. Perhaps they will help determine an outcome to Scrappy Girl's wallpaper dilemma!