Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Week in the Life: Thermo Mug

I took my new tree bomb thermo mug for a test drive last week. Here's the lowdown. It works great for sipping coffee in the sun on a Monday morning!

It keeps white wine at a nice cool temperature while you're working on your laptop and watching DWTS results show. Fits on the key board perfectly. Sure, it isn't the most elegant option for serious white wine drinkers, but pretty much fail proof for the multi-taskers out there.

Works equally well for red wine at room temp. A no brainer.

Now that is some serious 24 carrot juice!

I feel like my thermo mug would have kept my Friday night's pina colada frozen for longer than this coconut contraption, but didn't actually test that theory. Of course, I wanted to, but it just seemed a little too awkward. (Note to self re the Tonga Room: once is enough.)

Saturday morning's diet coke was kept refreshingly cold which helped energize after the previous pina colada party. (How cute is that bottle, by the way?)

In an attempt to be extra healthy on Sunday, I tried drinking something epically nourishing. But, here's the thing. Nothing can make those super greens taste better or look prettier. The thermo mug gave it it's very best shot though, I think!

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b. said...

this amused me :) i love the thermo mug, v stylish