Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wallpaper is...Super!

Just wanted to share the link to our wallpaper segment with Lisa Quinn that we recently taped for San Francisco's View from the Bay and the LiveWell channel. You can watch the full segment here or below is the quick run down of the wallpapering extravaganza!

The wallpapered bird house was a big hit! As it should have been... Lisa suggested using it as table decor which I thought was "totally" a great idea.

These file folders wallpapered in ferm LIVING's ribbed and wilderness patterns were, as I like to say apparently, "super" simple and easy to make! They are now being used to keep all our wallpaper samples organized. Quite apropo, really? Wait, am I using apropo correctly? After watching myself on camera I am even more sadly aware of inability to speak English very well. Urgh.

We talked about my love of wallpapered accent walls. I could have talked for quite some time about my love of Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain paint color, but luckily she didn't ask. Must stay focused...

Easy to wallpaper serving trays! The goblets were also a big hit.

Finally, lights dim for the wallpapered lamp shade. And, we're out!


Turquoise said...

LOOKS HOT! Way to goooo!

Christiana said...

Thanks, Vanessa!!!

rdp said...

so cool. so, so cool.*