Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Once Upon a Time

My nephew, Eli, is spending some time with his grandparents in New Mexico this week. I couldn't make it home, so I sent him a little something to remind him of who his favorite auntie is going to be :) - A ferm LIVING story mobile! I'm interpreting his expression as one of delight! My mom read him the fairy tale story that comes with the mobile, so he now knows all about what the little bird is doing in the cage... I'm guessing his favorite part of the story was about the tree, if he's anything like his botanist dad.

Here he is letting out some energy before a nap under the mobile by studying the sweet cherries on our tree in the backyard. I might be misinterpreting the data thus far, but I think it is fairly obvious he is going to be a genius!

Wishing I was there!

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