Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3+ Wallpaper Wednesday

It's official, we've run out of things to wallpaper. But, we can't stop. So, we're starting 3+ Wallpaper, in part, to keep our wallpapering skills sharp. Mostly, we love thinking about all the moods our wallpaper can create and wanted to share them with you. Aimee's posting hers on Picnics Under the Moon, and I'll be rocking the ferm LIVING over here.

The above is going for "provincial glamour" of sorts. It started with those two vintage cross paintings I saw over at Remodelista and immediately fell in love with. Mix in one of my very favorites, the Togo sofa, in a classic red. Combine with a more delicate 1930's industrial lamp and a sultry wilderness in black lacquer wallpaper backdrop.

Since I'm already wallpapering in a fantasy world, I might as well complete the mood with a classic pair of peep toes (with just the right splash of red to tie in to my Togo) a new issue of Domino (because in a truly just world that would never have left us), and an extra dirty martini.

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