Monday, February 2, 2009

Stick With It

We're still trying to get the warehouse cleaned out, so we've reduced the prices of several of our wall stickers to 70% off. The following styles are available in very small quantities at this amazing price:

Branches in gold
Flora in purple and blue
Waterworld in red, blue and green
Cherry Tree in purple
Flower Field in black and red
Birds in silver
Bamboo in gold
Falling Leaves in gold and silver
Hexagon in black
Butterflies in black
Owls in black

Wall stickers are an easy, low commitment way to add an accent to a room. And at these prices, even your ex-boyfriend with the wandering eye would be able to commit. I think that the gold Branches or Bamboo would be stunning on a deep, peacock blue wall. And the Waterworld, Birds, Butterflies and Owls all make a fun statement in kids' rooms or playrooms. Hexagon has always been one of my favorite designs, and looks great on cabinets and doors. Also, wall stickers make great stencils! Ordinarily I think they're a little pricey to be used in a disposable manner, but at these prices, I say stencil away!

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