Monday, February 2, 2009

Up for Grabs

After last week's warehouse sale, we've got just a few rolls left in a few styles that we're offering to Clever Spaces readers. If you are interested in purchasing, email us at - all of the below are available for $46/roll:

1 roll Ribbed in White/Gray
1 roll Wilderness in Black Lacquer

1 roll Family Tree in Silver

1 roll Walldots in Bronze

1 roll Walldots in Silver

And for $30 a roll:
1 roll Collection 1 Bindweed
1 roll Collection 1 Orchid

5 rolls Collection 1 Clematis

And we have 2 opened rolls of Collection 1 Bindweed for $20 each - a small amount (12 inches or less) has been used of one, but otherwise they are undamaged.

Email us soon - they won't last long!

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