Monday, September 17, 2007

Custom-Colored Wall Stickers?

We love Berry Black Wall Stickers in the bathroom. Here, we think the cool, silver tone looks just right with the light blue walls and white trim.

However, Tana, in Santa Barbara, wanted the Berry Black Wall Sticker in a warmer, cream color to keep her bathroom palette simple and crisp. By using the Wall Sticker as a stencil, she was able to create the perfect look! Here's Tana's step-by-step...

Step 1: Paint the wall the color you want the Wall Sticker design to be and let dry.

Step 2: Apply the wall sticker using the handy transfer sheet.

Step 3: Use the scraper to ensure the Wall Sticker is securely attached to the wall.

Step 4: Paint a different color over the entire accent wall and wall sticker.

Step 5: Let paint dry and then remove wall sticker. (And yes, it is a bit heart breaking to see such a lovely wall sticker being removed so soon after being hung up - but totally worth it in this particular instance!)

Step 6: Voile! Beautifully custom-colored berries.

When applied to walls, Wall Stickers look like they've been painted on, so Tana's stencil idea really does have the same affect as a custom-colored Wall Sticker. We're excited just thinking about the unlimited ways this stencil option could be implemented. Thanks so much for sharing your craftiness with us, Tana. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I like the girl with the green shorts.

karen said...

Please do tell where I can find such stickers. I love the idea.


Aimee said...

Thank you, Karen! You can get them at under the wall stickers link!

Anonymous said...

That's a cool idea. I was thinking of doing something similar with a stencil but instead of using two different colored paints, using the same color with two different sheens.

You should post more examples. Especially in those shorts :)

cribs said...

You are so creative. That kind of design is so new. But it looks that you need to have good hands to make the sticker perfectly place. All photos that you post are so great. You look so gorgeous in those photos.