Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twitter Days

I was working on a bit of a tedious task yesterday, which is why I was extra grateful for my twitter friends to break up the day. For example, we received a link to this USA Today video which features Twitter Co-Founder, Jack Dorsey, talking about his new company Square. And, in the background is our Remix Wallpaper. Doesn't it look great on TV? :) I also like that he is sitting on a chesterfield. A smart man, with great taste in decor - what a catch!

We also got a link to this article on Refinery 29 featuring Anthology's Editor in Chief, Anh-Minh Le, talking about her beautiful home. Her Feather Wallpaper caught our eye.

So did her closet of shoes. I'm jealous for 3 particular reasons - 1) selection of shoes; 2) size of shoes; and 3) organization...

Other than checking twitter constantly, another thing I did yesterday was to book tickets to go sit on this terrace. I can't wait!

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