Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pinterest Round Up

I was "researching" on Pinterest the other day and ran into some gorgeously styled photos of Ferm Living products that I wanted to share. These are all from Style Cookie. Here's our Harlequin wallpaper looking quite breathtaking, if you ask me :)

A Birdie pillow looking quite cozy with all her friends.

Our Story Mobile, again, via Style Cookie. So cute!

A hint of Marionette wallpaper...

And, a touch of Ferris Wallpaper to brighten a cloudy day.

Here's some happy Dotty wallpaper and a happy little one cooking up a storm via Kenzipoo.

Finally, our Love Birds wall sticker and Copenhagen tea towel (more great styling!) via Papeis Portodolado.

If you're ever looking for wallpaper inspiration (or for a way to kill some time...), I pin all of my favorite wallpaper pictures on Pinterest. You're welcome to follow me or check out my board!

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