Friday, August 5, 2011

Creative Conference

It starts today in San Francisco! Which is good timing, since I just finished putting together the slides for my panel this morning. Nothing like a deadline for motivation... I'll be speaking with Shayna of Pattern Pulp. Am excited to meet her and hear all about what they do.

Think I'll begin by chatting about how we got started with Ferm Living Shop oh so long ago!
It actually all began with this chair. It is a long story. Don't worry, I'll just be hitting the highlights at the conference. I only discuss the more boring details over drinks.

Mostly, I'll be talking about PATTERNS! The good, the bad, the best. Staying on trend, creating a classic, uniquely loved vs universally accepted.

What inspires them, why I am obsessed with them, etc. There will be a lot of great speakers over the weekend that I'm looking forward to learning from. Definitely check it out. Here's the schedule. Happy Weekend!

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