Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ham Night

My lovely parents came to stay with me this past weekend, so I figured what better way to jump start their visit than by inviting some friends over for ham, right? An obvious choice. To start off ham night right, there a few things to buy - fresh flowers, cheese and pasta.

Also, gin of the plastic bottle variety and limes. Their visit was also a good excuse to break in my new Ferm Living cutting boards. Aren't they fantastic? :) Here's the littlest one awaiting some lime slicing.

The big one helps out with mac and cheese prep.

The ham. Okay, so it's pre-sliced. No chopping board necessary.

I ran into a friend on the bus one day, and she raved about the Honey Baked Home store in my neighborhood. I was intrigued, as it didn't look particularly inviting from the outside. Much to my delight, the ham was delicious and it all worked out okay!

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