Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh Happy Cake

I stopped by Jordan Ferney's studio last week to check out her lovely cake paintings, and oh wow, they were even more amazing in person! Jordan Ferney did the art direction and her husband, Paul, painted all the cakes. Being the type of person that needs to figure out what my favorite thing is in any category of things, I, of course, picked out my favorite cake painting!

Third runner up was this butter cream with sprinkles. My choices were based on the painting's description, as all the cakes were just too pretty that it became confusing.

Second runner up: Anything with that involves eating chocolate cake and star gazing is a big yes please!

First runner up: I do this with falafel. It never tastes as good as eating it in the Marais. Must try with cake!

The winner! Can you guess why?

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