Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Ways to Make Wallpapering (Even More...) Fun

1. Friends. Wallpapering with a friend definitely makes it more fun. No surprise there, I suppose.

2. Sparkly nail polish. Yep, it makes wallpapering closer to a party than a chore. This particular color is called "Superstar." It rocks.

3. Wine. Given that wine quite possibly makes most everything more fun depending on your view of does indeed make wallpaper more fun. Even cheap wine. In moderation, of course...

This is my friend Rachel, who owns speesees and just opened up her first retail shop on Valencia! She wanted to put up a little wallpaper as a backdrop for her framed press pages, so we spent a couple hours last week catching up over wine and wallpaper paste. Here she is applying some extra paste to the corners.

The wall in need of some Little Leaves wallpaper love.

That's me working on some seam hugging.

Side note: How cute is this curtain made of speesees hankies?


More done.
Let's celebrate. Congrats, Rachel!

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