Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend Plans

I need to revamp this tray! I'd painted and wallpapered it for this article a couple years ago and then put it in storage, where it got terribly bashed up. My new apartment has a bit more space in the living room (probably because I don't have a TV anymore - we'll see how long that lasts...) so I've decided to put the cocktail tray to good use.

I'm going to repaint the edges black and then wallpaper the inside with this:

Or this:

Both have a bit of a cocktail vibe, don't you think? But... my problem is that I'm actually planning not to down a lot of alcohol this year (mostly for budgetary reasons...). Will having a cocktail set-up in my living room just end up taunting me? Think it would work as a plant tray table type thing? Like this tasty one from Lonny:

Have a great weekend - be it sipping cocktails, gardening inside, wallpapering, or if you live in Minnesota, just trying to stay warm!


Simply Grove said...

Sounds like a fun project!! I have a few scraps of wallpaper that I cannot figure out what to do with. Hmmm....something like this is genius.

Ms. S said...

Or you could rename it 'tea tray' and enjoy tasty (sometimes cheaper) non-alcoholic beverages while you attempt to stay warm in this awful cold! Just an idea. Though good luck on the staying warm - it's brutal out there.