Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Filling Time

While I was waiting to my furniture to show up last week, I took on a little repair project. Aimee helped me find this gorgeous Saarinen table at the Room & Board Outlet. Originally, it was something like $1600, and I got it for $170! Which could mean, depending on your viewpoint, that I saved over $1400! Every now and then someone reads this blog who is quite concerned my fiscal responsibility (my dad), so I'm happy to point out these savings :)

Why so cheap? Because it had this crack here in the wood. Luckily, my new best friends at the local Ace hardware walked me through the easy process of filling in wood: 1) get wood filler and a scraper; 2) go for it.

I think there's supposed to be a sanding step somewhere in there, but I didn't bother with that. I just scraped off as much excess as I could and let it dry.

Then I stained it. The directions said to leave the stain on for 15 minutes, but this didn't work. Luckily, I accidentally let the stain soak in overnight, which worked out perfect! I then did a layer of stain on the whole table just to blend it in a bit more.

A week later, my new table's beginning to feel at home!

And, in a ferm related note, my love birds tea towel is unpacked and will hopefully soon be put to good use. Just as soon as I go the grocery store...

[So sorry about the unfortunate quality of my iphone photos. Am crossing my fingers that the camera cord needed to upload photos will show up soon!]


Aimee said...

Kitchen (and the rest of the place) looks amazing! Can't wait to get back and hang out in your new apartment - this time with furniture :)

Amy said...

That table is an amazing score. I need to get myself (and a friend with a large vehicle) over there sometime again soon.

kristina [ the darling house ] said...

A Room & Board Outlet store!?! You are oh-so-lucky! I would settle for just a regular Room & Board store anywhere close. I've been coveting their Hutton sofa in indigo velvet for over a year now.

Your table is a total score and looks fab thanks to your wood filling/staining skills!