Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Wallpaper Time!

Anna at Door Sixteen put of the fir tree in black this weekend in her GORGEOUS office! You can read the whole post here! We think the black, nature-inspired pattern looks amazing against the beautiful white floors. It feels so fresh and calm.

Anna went from this to the below in just a couple hours. She offered a really helpful tip that we didn't include in our how to video too - if you use primer, it's actually much easier to remove the wallpaper. Not that we encourage people to be taking down wallpaper or anything :)

My other favorite thing about the room is the lovely bright green lamp. The
pop of bright green is perfection! Oh, and the clock screen saver is too cool. In fact, I actually just downloaded my own version this morning (thanks, Anna!)!

Thank you so much, Anna, for sharing such an inspiring office!

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