Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Floating Hydrangea; Revisited

Never shy to jump on a new trend (unless it's a bad trend, of course, e.g. latex leggings), I found the perfect spot for my floating hydrangea stem. That it happens to cover some nail holes that I've been too lazy to paint over is an extra bonus. I actually had to cut the stem to change its angle for maximum nail hole coverage, but you can't tell at all!

I think it's a nice way to connect the natural element of my beautiful new painting of a California buckeye pod by Lisa Congdon in my kitchen into the hallway. I was so excited to pick up Lisa's artwork at Rare Device today!

While I was at Rare Device, I also couldn't resist getting this delightful little painting by Kate Durkin too! Next up... Wilderness in black lacquer in my bedroom. This is going to be goooood!

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