Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Floating Hydrangeas

I bumped into 2 floating hydrangeas this week. Because they were placed by two different women, both with extraordinary style, I'm thinking they must be on to something big.

I just toured Jennifer's house today on Apartment Therapy. It is GORGEOUS. In her small home with white walls and bursts of unexpected colors everywhere, she's created a modern, India meets San Francisco, palace. One of my favorite details - she used a simple hydrangea stem to add more interest to her beautifully framed prints.

And, I just read on Little Willow that Rachel at Eden and Eden, recently having changed things around for Spring, added a lovely stem to draw even more attention (not that it needs it...) to a fabulous Ivana Helsinki dress. I already splurged on a rockin' black and white knitted cotton Ivana dress, so I've requested that Rachel not let me buy anything else (at least until next season...) or else I'd be needing to add some bright pink to my wardrobe. The problem is once you try one on, it is impossible not to keep. Impossible!

So, now I just need to figure out where to float my own hydrangea stem...

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