Saturday, April 19, 2008


I spent Friday afternoon playing hooky and watching a full episode of Tyra. Normally, I'm quite happy to get my dose of Tyra on VH1's Best Week Ever, but seeing as how yesterday was, from a clever spaces perspective, Tyra's best show ever, it deserved our full attention!

Tyra was styling people's lives and invited our favorite designer on a budget, the fabulous Kelly Edwards of Design on a Dime, to help out a viewer, Lisa, with revamping her apartment. That's Kelly above. Sorry about the bad picture quality. I'm technologically challenged...

The key ingredient for Lisa's space makeover? A ferm LIVING Feather wallpapered table. Kelly took the audience through her simple process of how to turn a boring coffee table into an eye catching masterpiece. Here's her step by step. ONE) Start with the perfect wallpaper and some spray adhesive (above).

TWO) Spray the adhesive and start unrolling the paper out onto the flat surface. Easy, right?

THREE) Ask Tyra for a helping hand. Please note that this step is not necessary.

FOUR) Cut the paper and smooth it out a little more. (I think that's what they are doing?)

FIVE) Work the paper over the edges.

SIX - VOILA!) Okay, not totally sure about the final steps because they took a commercial break and suddenly a stunning table was complete! We ADORE it!!!! So did Lisa apparently, as Tyra's website notes: "Lisa loved the coffee table so much, immediately after the show her mom pulled up in the family car and the staff loaded the table into the vehicle. It’s now on display in her home in the Bronx. BONUS SECRET: The entire staff and crew munched on BBQ ribs and NO BAKE cake after the show." We're digging the sound of the after-party too... We're hoping we can get some better pictures of the project and hopefully a more detailed step by step, but we were too impatient to wait for those before we shared our Tyra debut!

THANK YOU so very much Kelly for using ferm LIVING for this project! We think you picked the perfect paper for the job!

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