Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grey Skies are Gonna Cheer Up!

I recently put up some custom WallCollection wallpaper in my kitchen created from Julia Rothman's brilliant Red Sky design. Even though it has been raining a little more in San Francisco lately as winter creeps closer, I can't stop smiling.

Grey sky, blue sky, it doesn't seem to matter when you've got Red Sky. Thank you so very much, Julia, for helping me create such a happy and inviting kitchen! While this hasn't actually inspired me to start cooking (yet), I love spending as much time in the kitchen as I can, working, reading the paper, eating take-out and entertaining friends with the delicacies I "whip up" from the Whole Foods salad bar. One of these days I will consider turning my attention from the wall to the stove...

We are so thrilled that Julia Rothman is among the fabulous WallCollection gallery of artists that just went live. Please check out her art work at

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