Friday, November 9, 2007

Danish Way of Living

We were recently invited to participate in the Danish Way of Living exhibition in Vancouver. It was so flattering to be featured among such well-known and admired Danish design companies like Fritz Hansen and Eric Jorgensen. It is such a gorgeous time of year to visit Vancouver, so I also appreciate the Danish consulate providing me with a perfect excuse to stroll around Vancouver checking out its shops, restaurants and bars (loved Chill Winston, by the way, thanks Kim.) Here are some pictures from the show...

Fallen silver and gold maple leaves. Very Canadian, yes?

These Owls are just so cute. Although now that I'm thinking about it, do owls ever "perch" on the ground? I might have misplaced these little guys...

We left our Thumb print on the Rosenthal glassware.

The Love Birds look out to Water Street (if they ever grow tired of looking into each others eyes, I guess).

Our Hydrangea shared Midform's molded plywood bed. Thanks, Claus! Let's do it again sometime...

I wonder what the sitting bird is saying that's so important here.

Beautiful bowls from Georg Jensen - I actually just got home only to read about them in the NY Times.

The Gold Branches sparkle against a red backdrop.

Want more gold? Try Verpan's Spiral Triple lamp in gold. If only I had a bigger place and more $$$.

A wall of ferm LIVING wallpaper and some Series 7 chairs. Two great things that go great together.

Okay, this is just me being lost. What is going on with the lack of cabs in Vancouver? Still, you're beautiful!

Thank you so much everyone - especially, Peter, Krista, Thor and Pamela (and Fed Ex for deciding to eventually release our wallpaper just in time for the party) - for making the exhibition so successful and my week in Vancouver so much fun. Thanks also for teaching me more about how Danes live. I'm into it. Skol!


Anonymous said...

RE: Owls on the Ground

Yes! There are owls that regularly perch on the ground called Burrowing Owls. They even nest in underground burrows!

I can't wait for the Feather bedding to come out. I'm quite a bird lover, if you haven't guessed. ;)

Christiana said...

Thanks for making me not feel quite so ignorant. Looks like the burrowing owls have it quite rough considering their enemy cars, snakes and feral cats, etc. If I had feathers, I'd use them to fly away...

Meghan Baxter said...

re. Vancouver

Is this exhibit still on display? Are there any shops here in vancouver where I can see your stuff?

Aimee said...

Hi Meghan -

Yes, the exhibition runs until mid-December. We aren't in any Vancouver shops at the moment, but please email us if you'd like to see samples or have any questions.

Thanks so much for you interest!