Friday, August 13, 2010

Field Trip Friday: Errands

As I suspected, I'm not going to end up having lots of free time for fun Friday field trips... But I did spend my morning hunting for gold vintage brooches (found em! at my favorite Hunt & Gather) and gold leaf paint (which as far as I can tell doesn't exist...) for a little project I'm working on. More about that soon! In the meantime, check out the above. Pantone tins at Blick. Love them. Also, I just downloaded several months worth of iphone pics, and thought I'd post a few so you can tell that I'm not actually slacking on this blog lately. It is just I've been so busy doing very important things ;)

A garden path at the Walker sculpture garden. Perfect to stroll through before a happy hour. That's when you're timing things perfectly.

The front of this card says "I'm sorry you are going through a rough time right now..." I cropped out "sh*tty" because I have delicate sensibilities like that. If you sent me this card, I would think 1. you have a good sense of humor and 2. you are very insightful.

The guy here looks EXACTLY like this guy Doug Krantz that Aimee and I went to high school with. I was so tripped out by the doppelganger thing occuring here. Since the friends I was with never met Doug, they understandably didn't really seem to care. So I took a picture to send to Aimee in order to have someone share in the experience. She thought the photographic evidence was unpersuasive. I suppose she makes a good point. Check out those CB2 lights, though. Those sure do look good in a lot of different place, blurry or not.

I miss my bicycle. I miss my bicycle basket too. I wish people didn't steal things. I also wish people wouldn't tell you all about their Kryptonite locks when you are tearfully telling them that your back got stolen. It doesn't help anything.

How AMAZING is the copper daybed? I have no idea where to get one, but that's not a huge issue because I'm very sure I couldn't afford one. Still, something to dream about for one day!

Last, but of course not least, here's one of my favorite wallpaper applications ever. It is Matthew Williamson's bedroom in the book, New London Style. I adore it! Love the way the greens and lines in the forest photography peak through into the damask wallpapered room. Now, that is how you flow.

Happy Weekend!

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