Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crafting and Glowing

Meg's Crafting a Meaningful Home got me thinking about the last time Aimee and I were in a book together - our senior yearbook. Yes, it actually did glow in the dark. It was a tie in with Los Alamos's 50th Anniversary that year. Get it? Living in the Atomic City... we glow! Yeah, well, we tried. As I was packing up all my stuff last week, I pulled out my old yearbook and took a trip down memory lane.

Aimee and I were best friends in high school, so like all BFFs did at the time, we took out an section at the end of the yearbook to memorialize our status or something. Did you all do this? Or was this a small town thing? The last 30 pages of our yearbook contain lots of best friend dedications (mostly with photos taken at Kim Jew which I wonder about now - was that the only professional photographer in the state of New Mexico?) and sections with pictures of graduating seniors as kids that their parents dedicated to them wishing them all the best. At the time Aimee and I had been friends for 8 years, and we thought that was a lifetime. Well...forward MANY more years, and we're still helping each other through life's twists and turns. She's definitely family now (along with Manny and her cute boys!), and we get to be business partners too - what a deal!

Here's my parents' dedication. I'd forgotten all about it. I still feel that way a lot, like I'm wondering what's going on else where. What am I missing out on? I would like to point out my heart necklace - one of my very first DIYs. I was so proud of it! The magic of pipe cleaners.

Here's the one Aimee's parents did for her. So cute! Please note her early artist skills - very nice! She's probably not going to love this, but I'd also like for you to note her nickname. Because it is awesome.
Something else I'd completely forgotten was the very cohesive theme of our yearbook, as exhibited by some of these clever section titles ;)

Of course, Aimee and I were on the yearbook staff pictured above, and we may or may not take credit for the play on glow, just depends... Alright, well that's all for the 1993 flashbacks - Gotta glow!


Anna at D16 said...

Hmmm. I'm from a really small town, but I never saw anything like this in our yearbooks! My HSBFF Nicole and I would have done it for sure.

I died when I read the name Kim Jew, because she (he? I actually have no idea) took one of the author photos that I've been having to use for YEARS AND YEARS on back flaps (it's an author who is very prolific, but for some reason never changes her photo). After all these years, I almost feel like I know Kim Jew, whoever s/he may be..

Christiana said...

That is seriously crazy that you know of Kim Jew! No idea whether Kim's a she or he, but s/he owns the photography market in NM, that's for sure. Someone needs to tell that author to get a new head shot :)

Aimee said...

A couple things - Kim Jew is definitely a he and continues to be NM's finest photographer, as evidenced by the fact that my mother has insisted on having the boys shot there a couple times now. Second, the yearbook staff photo made me want to take a train to Topeka and eat a pork sandwich. Somethings will never change, apparently - especially not how much I love you and value our friendship. Our hair and attitude towards wearing white jean shorts did change, thank goodness. Class of 93 4-ever!!

Kate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. the hair, the clothes, the little kid pics, the glowingness of it all. so cute!! can I be BFFs with you guys?? xoxo