Friday, April 23, 2010

Field Trippin'

Just thought I'd share a couple of my Rose Bowl flea market finds which I'm super proud of due to their inexpensiveness. Before I get started though, can I mention how excited I was to pass Los Alamos, CA on the way to LA from SF? Growing up in the other one, I can only imagine how different this place is. Yet the signage is pretty much the same. I wonder if the kids in Los Alamos, CA have a decent place to hang out? We used to congregate in the parking lots... Yep, and then pretty much stay there.

Anyway, I'd been looking for something to soften up my acrylic vanity and this 70's.ish wicker mirror from Japan seemed like just the right thing. [Not the nightmare inducing doll, though...why so glum?]

One day, I will arrange this better, but see how it'll work in the mix? It barely cost a thing, so if you don't like it, I won't be offended. I will also be wallpapering the back of it with this.

I found this set of champagne bowls at the very end of the day. They were just what I've been looking for, except even cheaper. I also liked how the man selling them said they had "chipless rims," and then when I pointed out how one of the rims was chipped he gave it to me for free. That's called using the evidence to your advantage. I can't wait to go back to the Rose Bowl! If only I had cash to burn and way to get things back to MN. There's an amazing vintage Louis Vuitton trunk with my name on it!

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meghan said...

she is called Little Miss No Name. They are worth a bit if she is in nice condition and has her tear drop.