Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheers, Ebay!

Just enjoying a very lazy, very sunny Saturday afternoon, eating some Jimmy John's (extra mayo, yeah, that's right!), getting laundry done and catching up on my blog reading. I went over to ebay to look for some vintage champagne coupes. I've wanted a set for a long time and watching Mad Men has put me over the edge. Champagne saucers seem so sophisticated, festive, and carefree. But, I wonder, are they sort of pointless? I mean, they undoubtedly make it more difficult to drink champagne after all. Even if the flute keeps the bubbly more bubbly and less likely to spill (which is a key feature for some people...), aren't the coupes still a better choice because they are just that pretty?

What do you think about these? The gold rim is extremely Mad Men, yes? But is the stem oddly long?

Purple. Intriguing.

Etched roses. I like these more than I would have thought. Very girly and fun!

Digging the silver.

BINGO. These are perfect, right? Chin chin, and happy weekend!


Amy said...

The last ones are great! I got obsessed a few years back and tracked down a few with hollow stems. I love them, but only have 5. That's definitely not enough for a proper party.

mamichan said...

i really like this shape of champagne glass. i hope you bid on some!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

You are so right! That last photo is the best!

Did you get them, I hope?

Christiana said...

Thanks! Not yet, there's still 2 days left :) Fingers crossed.


I've been wanting some of these for quite some time. You're right, they're not as practical as flutes but they're so much more festive!