Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Much New for Spring!

Formland is this weekend, and ferm LIVING is gearing up to debut lots of pretty new things! We'll let you know when we get more info on pricing and availability...

Fun new shelving. Aimee and I both are wanting these quite badly. I must start collecting something cute right now, so I have a reason to "need" a shelf like that, yes?

Poufs. Yes please!
Adorable kids pillows.

An adorable collaboration with Darling Clementine!

Lovely new pillows for us adults too!

I might need this one asap.
Cheerful candle holders.

Jar cozies.
Cozy blankets.

And, new wall stickers. I'm particularly loving the big fir tree!
Hope you like everything!


Julia - CasaSugar said...

Ahh! I must have that nightstand shelf, the poufs, and those pillows!! Can't wait to see them in-store.

ivy style33 said...

Yes, I do! So many uniquely beautiful things here!

My instant love affairs:
-> the poufs
-> the jar cozies
-> the blamket
-> the grey pillows with the
colourful buttons
-> the picture promoting these
pillows. Can I please have such
a sofa/ day-bed corner?

the house self with the book for a roof is also the cutest and a surprising / adorable detail to be added...just wouldn't fit in my current residence.

Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

Love the jar cozies. Beautiful colors and textures.