Monday, February 8, 2010

Destination: Paris

I swapped out the wallpaper on my cocktail tray to incorporate a little more Paris into my life! I love this black and white Paris map pattern and thought it would be the perfect thing to imbibe, well, drinks :)

It is snowing A LOT here this morning. I wasn't able to capture the sideways nature the flakes are falling, but it is not pretty out there. So, I thought I deserved to daydream about Paris for a little while. One thing I noticed about many of the pictures I took when I visited there was all the bits of color. I keep thinking I want to do more monotone decor, but with so many lively colors out there, it seems impossible to deny a few.

Another good thing if you live in Paris is that it is almost cocktail hour there. You have Monday under your belt and are probably scootering off somewhere chic to enjoy a lovely evening... Since it is only 10 here, I guess I better get to work!


Anonymous said...

Nice idea for your next trip to Paris: visit 'Entrée des Fournisseurs' in the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois (Le Marais). If you like La Droguerie, you'll surely like this shop too. It is tucked away in a tiny square and it offers an amazing variety of buttons, ribbons, lace, knitting wool, felt, liberty textile, books etc. See for more info. I live in Holland, about 500 km from Paris. I like to visit this wonderful city as often as I can and never go home without a souvenir from this shop!

Christiana said...

Thank you for that recommendation. That place looks heavenly!