Friday, January 22, 2010

Keep Calm

My friend Rachel, from speesees, just sent over a few iphone pictures of a recent wallpaper project in her entryway. Above is the during. Nice work on hugging the seams!

And, here's also the during, I hope :) Rachel's a pro wallpaper girl by now, so I'm almost positive she knows she needs to trim the top and bottom... I LOVE the birds on branches pattern she chose with her rockin' black and white floor.

I like how it also brings an element of nature inside, not that she's hurting for nature. Yep, this is where she lives with her boyfriend. What a gorgeous place to call home!

Rachel's boyfriend is gorgeous too. You'll just have to trust me...

On an almost unrelated note. I'm trying to keep calm myself as I wait for my movers to show up with my things. Not that you're counting, but I am and it has been almost 3 weeks. Very wrong. To alleviate some stress, I've been planning my gallery wall for the bedroom. Here's my inspiration. I really like the consistent frame color above and tetris-like fit of the frames on this wall. Below... well that is just fabulous. I wonder if the red chair is what has pushed this over the edge to amazing though?

I like the mix of circular elements in with the rectangular frames. The adorable cuckoo clock does not hurt anything either.

LOVE this whole thing. Especially how the touch of color connects everything so easily. Adding necklaces into the mix is divine.

If I had a lot of amazing art, I'd do a gallery bathroom like Super Market Sarah here. But, I don't.

Instead, I'll save one little piece from my bedroom gallery wall for the bathroom and/or kitchen just like the above. Just perfect. (So sorry, I can't remember where I pulled these images from to cite to!)

Happy Weekend!


Slumber Designs said...

Love your pictures on picture displays. I too just did a post showing pretty much the same thing. Different places in the house where people display their pictures. I love that idea! I need more walls in my house to experiment more!!


Slumber Designs said...

I just saw your other post where it said you now live in Mnpls. Welcome! That's where I live too. Where did you move from?

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I like to read stories like this. BTW add some pics :)

Christiana said...

Thank you, Jen! From San Francisco. Big change :). I love your website. The headboards are so pretty, I especially dig that tie dyed one!

zeppo said...

the red chair does it!