Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feeling Sleepy

I'm a bit sleepy this morning. Woke up early with the phone ringing, thought is was Wednesday for about half and hour, can't find any coffee in my place... So, I guess it's fitting to blog about one of my favorite sleep aids - pillows. We were really excited to be included in Apartment Therapy's line up for best throw pillow sources 2009! Thanks, AT!

We have a bunch of new pillow designs available for sale in the next couple weeks! Mushrooms, geometrics, and my favorite...

This beautiful feathery little number!

Be sure to check back next week! Off to find coffee now... Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

where on earth did you get that lovely yellow chair? please share! thanks. johnita

Aimee said...

Hi - We're not sure, but we think it was a vintage chair painted yellow.