Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn in Paris!

I know Paris is known for springtime gloriousness, but I suspect autumn in Paris might be even better? Maybe that is because I love autumn in New York, and I equate the two as being equally fabulous cities? I dream about Paris all the time, so was delighted to get the new rolls of ferm living collection only to find the map design is a sketch of Paris streets! Aimee and I are both brainstorming ways to incorporate this new wallpaper into our homes! You can never be reminded of strolling the streets of Paris too often, I think.

On an extremely related note, I just went to see Paris last night. I highly recommend. It was all for living in the moment! And, it even made Paris in winter very appealing!

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This paper is most definitely calling my name. I MUST have it tout de suite!