Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rainy Day Reading

The afternoons this week in Colorado have been bringing a few rain showers. What a perfect excuse to crawl back in bed with my laptop to "work" on perusing my favorite design blogs. Here's my round up. First off. I LOVE this blog. Equally, I love the idea of wallpapering the underside of shelves. Must do this.

Another FABULOUS blog. Definitely one of my favorites and one of the best!

Which is why I found it very cool that Jenny gave ferm LIVING a shout out among the grooviest wallpaper. As a side note, Black Rose is on sale - just a couple rolls left... If you don't buy them, they are going in my next apartment. Save me from myself. Please.

Next up? City Sage. I met Anne at the recent Blog Out Loud event and became a big fan of her blog shortly thereafter! Thanks for including ferm LIVING in your pillow round-up, Anne. We also are digging the Wallpaper to a Rooms she put together, below!

Another fave, Simply Lovely is truly just that!
So, of course, we were thrilled that Joslyn included our wilderness pattern in the things she's been loving.
She also included this outfit from JCrew, which got me thinking... I really want these!

Last, but not least, we were happy that our Squares wallpaper was included in CasaSugar's 10 Coolest black/white wallpapers. Agreed!


Aimee said...

Wait to get the moccasins till you're here - they're an MN company, you know! We'll each get a pair...

Joslyn said...

thanks for the link love! i actually just ordered a sample of your feathers paper to possibly use in my den and I LOVE IT.