Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3+ Wallpaper Wednesday

What a day. I had to rent a car to run a bunch of errands, and to save a few bucks, I went to a pretty sketchy rental place. The car they were supposed to rent me had some mechanical problems, so they "upgraded" me to a black convertible PT Cruiser. I cranked up Movin' 99.7, and, I can't lie, I was secretly enjoying the experience, until I realized I would just about die if anyone I knew saw me rolling around town in such a state. I was feeling so good after checking off many to dos on my list till my altercation with a neighbor in the parking garage - to which I'd just like to say.. what is the deal with people using annoyingly condescending vocabulary? I mean I really don't care how smart you are, I'd prefer you be a little bit nice.

My point being, I'm so relieved to be able to be sipping a cocktail and thinking about pretty wallpaper!! Aimee picked the discontinued Ikea bed to decorate around. I'm going to complement the modern clean edges with the more natural, soft feel of family tree in silver and some stumpy bedside tables. The bedding is a dark charcoal rosette design from Anthropologie.

Sleep tight!

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Lynn said...

Hi, I am such a fan of your designs! Glad I found this blog.

I have a question, and it is totally okay if you choose not to share your sources. I respect that it sometimes takes designers a while to find the right sources for their projects and they may want to keep it to themselves. I am an interior design student and have been doodling with wallpaper design. I have one I am pretty confident about and want to get it printed onto wallpaper. I've been trying to find a printer within SF or bay area (or even through online) that will take my design and print the wallpaper for me, but my search came up fruitless! Who do you recommend?

You can email me if you prefer to share it that way:

Thank you, and keep up the great work!