Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Reading

Okay, so I spent most of my afternoon yesterday reading Emmas Designblogg. And, then last night. And, then this morning around 2:00 am because I couldn't sleep till I'd read every last blog posting, apparently. I've checked out her posts from time to time, but never actually read them all till now. I know I should have been at the post office sending out your samples yesterday (I'll mail them today, I promise!), but I couldn't stop reading. I just couldn't. It isn't my fault. It was exactly like reading a great novel that's impossible to put down. Everything is just so lovely and inspiring. I picked this image above that I found of ferm LIVING's branches wall stickers, because, you know, I sell them, and because it was so pretty! Just one of the thousands of gorgeous images she posts. Thank you, Emma, for sharing your amazing eye for design with us! Please don't ever stop.

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