Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3+ Wallpaper Wednesday

I picked this Ruth Cross chair this week to wallpaper around. I thought the Ribbed pattern in black/beige create a really natural, cozy feel. To counterbalance natural vibe, I picked and classic steel lamp and Jonathan Adler's Union Jack rug. I've been really digging Union Jack's lately (most likely because I spent a VERY long day making one out of wallpaper, and I can't get the process out of my brain) and this rug adds a colorful element and makes quite the statement!

PS - Here's Aimee's!

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Rosie said...

Oh, I love union jacks as well at the moment. Our local store has an amazing union jack cushion and I'm dying to buy it but it's a bit out of our budget right now - hoping it will appear on ebay some day soon!