Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3+ Wallpaper Wednesday (North Beach Edition)

I enjoy checking in on 7X7's Domain blog because they feature lots of great stuff, including Craigslist deal of the week which highlights a fab apartment in the city that might not break my bank. So, I was excited to run into this great write up on ferm LIVING and the sale we're having!

To celebrate their Neighborhoods edition, 7X7 is hosting a "Dress Like Your Hood" party. I tremendously enjoyed this edition of the magazine, particularly the love letter to North Beach! When thinking about how to dress up like my beloved neighborhood, I unfortunately thought stripper as live one block from Broadway. No can do.

Wallpaper like your hood - now, that, I can do! (Unfortunately, I can't photoshop, and since Aimee's on vacation, I'll just have to post them old school :) I'm starting with our Black Rose that's on sale! A tribute to Vallejo Steps garden.

It wouldn't feel authentic without some Murano glass, and this red number hits the spot!

Bring in some modern with this gorgeous sofa from Italy.

And, it wouldn't be North Beach without adding in something from my favorite shop in the hood, (and place you must visit before you die...) Eden & Eden. The prosecco I will sip from these golden flutes, while resting on my luxurious couch enjoying my wallpaper is going to taste benissimo!

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