Monday, September 29, 2008

Speaking in Danish

We're so honored to have been invited to become a part of the Danish design blog, As they'll be translating Clever Spaces into Danish (which we don't know how to read, yet...), we're just going to trust that they don't make us sound foolish. That would be impossible, right? Right? I'm still planning to learn Danish before we go visit, but so far my vocabulary is limited to ferm (clever), skol (cheers) and hygge (living cozy, connected, in the small moments). We're starting our new company based on the word hygge, and as much as we try, we find it very hard to define. It doesn't have a counterpart in English that even comes close to translating its special meaning.

Thank you, Christian, for inviting to be a small part of your design world!

I just came across these gorgeous pictures in Elle Decor of a beautiful apartment in Copenhagen. The use of such eclectic colors and materials is so striking. The article was about living in small spaces, so I was impressed so see such bold and colorful decor. I'm really liking the grey Wall Dots wallpaper with the turquoise.

And, oh how I do love these dark walls with white floors. I almost feel lucky I don't have the option to paint my rental's floors or else I'd probably be figuring out how to strip them right now...


hannaleighh said...

i love that apartment! what issue was it in?

Aimee said...

Thank you. It was in September, but I think just the Euro publication.