Monday, June 23, 2008

Smart Growth

Kristen, at IF+D in Austin, Texas, just sent me my new most favorite memo pad! Kristen is lucky enough to live in one of the smartest growing, progressive cities in the US (with a great music scene!). While Austin's smart growth is something to emulate, Enron's scandalous growth is just the opposite. However, it's legal pad is something to collect. I may need more. I love how integrity was just so important to them it had to be noted on the bottom of each page, in case one were to forget...

Kristen also sent some gorgeous pictures of a client's new home. ferm LIVING's bindweed design with Blu Dot's bright pink sideboard looks fantastic.

And speaking of smart growth, this kid's room is sure to inspire. I think the green bed is Blu Dot too. Looks perfect with the family tree in petrol! Thank you so much, Kristen!

Being former lawyers, Aimee and I also got a huge kick out of this McSweeney's list that our freind just emailed. We could have used a jeans advocacy workshop, as our firm wasn't buying into the concept of "casual Fridays." And ever since Sweetheart's Dance 1991, I refuse to buy into the concept of "dress jeans," because even if they have pin stripes and pleats and you pair them with a bolo tie, Vic, they're still just denim jeans. So basically, I never was able to wear jeans as a lawyer which is sad because that's when I could still afford really rockin' ones. I could have also used a little more training in forwarding emails. Or rather, what is not email appropriate. Oh well, live and learn. And hopefully get a little smarter :)

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Aimee said...

In keeping with the tone of today's entry and using my best lawyer-ese... RE Sweethearts 1991, I second the rejection of the notion of dress jeans. And I submit that carnations are not an appropriate corsage flower, nor is metallic purple a suitable ribbon color for said corsage.